Delphinus is also on the Meridian about 30 due south of Deneb.   A short distance eastward of Delphinus reside the faint stars of Equuleus, The Little Horse

Capricornus  also straddles the meridian in the extreme south, while the bulk of Aquarius, The Water Jar is to its east.  You will notice that Aquarius is a long ambling constellation.  Between and just below Capricornus and Aquarius you can pick out the stars of Pisces Austrinus, The Southern Fish.  The most notable feature of Pisces Austrinus is the bright first magnitude star Formalhaut

            If you live below 35 latitude and have an unobstructed horizon, you may be able to pick out the dim stars of Microscopium, The Microscope at its position to the west of Pisces Austrinus and due south of Capricornus
















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